High School Externships

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Gain exposure to creative, technical & design, and administrative performing arts careers.

The New York City Center Externship Program introduces students and young adults (14–18) to the many career options available to them in the arts; focusing on creative, technical & design, and administrative arts jobs. While high school internships programs are a wonderful way to develop experience and skill building in specific departments, the externship’s exposure model acts as a bridge program for those who are interested in the arts and curious about the viable career paths they offer.

Utilizing breaks in the NYC public school calendar (Midwinter Recess, Spring Break, Summer Vacation), each session offers in-depth, experiential seminars with City Center staff that explores the responsibilities and tasks for a variety of arts jobs with greater understanding of non-profit operations. Additionally, participants will receive invites to City Center productions & events.

Administrative Careers
Feb 20-22, 2024

Creative Careers
April 23-26, 2024

Technical & Design Careers
June 27 & 28, 2024