Barrow Street Theatricals and Jean Doumanian present

NASSIM American Premiere


Stage II

Dec 5, 2018 – Apr 20, 2019

Tickets start at $69.50

Running Time: 75 Minutes, No intermission, Ages: 12+



Barrow Street Theatricals and Jean Doumanian 
The Nassim Soleimanpour and Bush Theatre production of
by Nassim Soleimanpour
Directed by Omar Elerian 

In his latest work, Nassim explores the power of language to unite us in these uncertain times. NASSIM has played to sold-out audiences in more than 10 countries.

No rehearsals. A different guest actor at every performance. A sealed envelope. Oh, and some surprises.

“An unusually vivid celebration of theatre’s liveness, speaking the universal language of humanity. That makes it sound pat and sentimental. It’s not. This is a show that uses presence – technological and physical – and absence to clever effect. It explores the freedom and limitation of language, whether through censorship or the difficulties of speaking in one language and feeling in another. The act of staging this show is a striking demonstration of how words can keep us apart but also bring us together.” -- The Guardian
“A tantalizing theatrical provocation that breaks down all walls”  -- The Stage UK

“The story of human connection and hope embodied in the very form of Nassim Soleimanpour’s work, and – perhaps – now also embedded in the heart of everyone who sees this remarkable show.“ -- The Scotsman

Nassim Soleimanpour’s last play WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT ran for more than 9 months in New York, and was performed by Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, F Murray Abraham and other celebrated actors. It has been performed thousands of times around the world and has been translated into more than 25 languages. NASSIM is his latest exploration into imaginative storytelling that also challenges traditional theatrical forms.  

Written by Nassim Soleimanpour
Directed by Omar Elerian
NY Production Management and Design by Keith Truax
NY Art Design by Fraver
Photo by David Monteith-Hodge

NASSIM was originally commissioned and produced by the Bush Theatre and received its world premiere at the Bush Theatre, London, on July 25, 2017. Designer Rhys Jarman, Sound Designer James Swadlo, Lighting Designer Rajiv Pattani, Production Manager Michael Ager, Script Editors Carolina Ortega and Stewart Pringle

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