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“The Encores! production of Big River is, in a word, perfect. And, in a few other words, moving, powerful, and exhilarating.”

“The surprise 1985 Broadway hit sounds better than ever.”

“A buoyant Encores! production. 18-year-old Nicholas Barasch is a Huckleberry of irresistible sweetness.”
The New York Times

Inspired by Mark Twain’s classic novel about friendship, freedom, and the untamed Mississippi, Big River was a musical underdog as scrappy and restless as Huckleberry Finn himself. The show was created in the age of British spectacles by a quintessentially American artist—the beloved country-western singer Roger Miller—and his Tony Award-winning score is a scintillating blend of bluegrass, gospel, and honky tonk. More than thirty years later, Big River remains an affecting journey through 1840s America in all its beauty and savagery. This February, join Encores! for the ride.

“A classic American musical with the most fetching score of the decade.”
Time review of the original production

Big River is part of the 2017 Encores! season, which also includes The New Yorkers and The Golden Apple.